Oct. 30, 6:00 PM
Metropolitan Riveters
Boston Pride
Dec. 4, 3:00 PM Boys
Burriville, RI
Dec. 9, 7:50 PM Girls
Dec. 11 (Time TBA) Girls
Dec. 11 (Time TBA) Boys
Dec. 11, 4:00 PM Boys
Dec. 11, 7:00 PM Girls
Dec. 15 (Time TBA) Boys
Dec. 15 (Time TBA) Girls
Dec. 15, 3:00 PM Girls
Dec. 15, 4:00 PM Boys
Dec. 15, 7:00 PM Boys
Barrington (R.I.)
Dec. 15 (Time TBA) Girls
Dec. 17 (Time TBA) Boys
Dec. 18 (Time TBA) Boys
Dec. 18 (Time TBA) Boys
Bourne or Groton Dunstable
Dec. 18, 3:00 PM Boys
Dec. 18, 7:00 PM Girls
Dec. 19, 4:00 PM Girls
Dec. 20, 7:00 AM Girls
Dec. 20, 5:00 PM Boys
Dec. 22 (Time TBA) Girls
Dec. 22, 6:00 PM Boys
Dec. 22, 7:00 PM Boys
Dec. 22 (Time TBA) Girls
Dec. 23, 4:00 PM Girls
Dec. 27, 5:00 PM Boys
Dec. 27 (Time TBA) Boys
Dec. 28, 3:00 PM Boys
TBD Ray Kenney Classic
Dec. 28, 5:00 PM Boys
Dec. 29, 12:00 PM Girls
Dec. 29 (Time TBA) Boys
Dec. 30 (Time TBA) Boys
ORR or Foxboro
Dec. 30, 4:00 PM Girls
Dec. 31, 3:00 PM Boys
Jan. 3 (Time TBA) Girls
Jan. 3, 4:00 PM Boys
Jan. 5 (Time TBA) Girls
Jan. 5 (Time TBA) Boys
Jan. 5, 4:50 PM Girls
Jan. 5, 8:00 PM Boys
Jan. 6 (Time TBA) Girls
Full Schedule


MSHCA Team Mass Hockey

America’s Showcase
Centene Community Ice Center
St. Louis, Missouri
April 16-20
Massachusetts State Hockey Coaches Association
To allow high school hockey players from Massachusetts to compete against top players from all over the country and showcase their skills in front of scouts from every major hockey program in the United States including prep, college, junior and professional.
General Information
• Over 24 Teams. Some of last year’s teams included Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas and North Dakota.
• Over 600 players from across the country will participate in this event
• Every major hockey program including the ACHA, NCAA Divisions I, II and III, Prep, Juniors and Professional will be in attendance to scout players
• Each team is guaranteed at least 4 games
• Team will have 18 skaters and 2 goalies
• All players must be registered with USA Hockey
• All players will stay in the players only hotel. Parents are welcome to attend but must stay at the designated parent’s hotel. This is the tournaments policy.
• Team Fee $300 - includes practice ice, game shirts and socks, Team Mass apparel and tourney registration fee
• Players are also responsible for flights, hotel and meals
• Players who participate in a Spring sport must obtain an MIAA waiver to attend
Selection Process
• Juniors and Seniors who play for a Massachusetts High School team are eligible.
• The team will be selected through recommendations from high school coaches and players will be scouted during the remainder of the season
Coaching Staff
Mark Leonard Mike Nanartowich Mike O’Brien
Essex Tech High School Hudson High School Marlboro High School

For more info and to register, email Mark Leonard at msleonard4@verizon.net

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