D1 South Bracketology

D1 South Bracketology:

Framingham: 8-3-2 The Flyers got out to a very impressive start that included a championship in the MyHockeyLive Cup. Since then they have slowed down with only a few losses, but still have a healthy shot at the Super 8.

Xaverian: 7-2-3 Xaverian is one of the top teams in the state this year with tons of talent all around. They should be a contender in the Super 8 this year, as long as they don’t run into St. John’s Prep, who has beaten them twice this year.

Catholic Memorial: 6-3-4 After a slow start CM is in a good spot at the halfway point. They have limited their losses to only three, which definitely has them in contention for the Super 8. If they can’t squeeze into the Super, they will be one of the favorites in the D1 south tournament.

King Philip: 7-3-1 King Philip has a very impressive record past the halfway point of their season. They might not be looking at a Super 8 bid, but they should be one of the higher seeds in the D1 south tournament, possibly setting them up for a good playoff run.

Natick: 6-2-1 With only two losses so far, Natick is starting to create some buzz in the D1 south. With losses to Wachusett and Framingham, Natick has a shot at the Super 8 with continued success, but they will most likely be a dominant D1 south tournament team.

Barnstable: 6-2-1 I had high hopes for Barnstable this year and with only two losses at the halfway point, they have not disappointed. With losses to Xaverian and Natick, Barnstable has a very strong resume and should be prepared for any tough tasks in the D1 south tournament.

Walpole: 6-3-2 I wasn’t sure where Walpole fit in this year, but so far it looks like they will be a contender. With a strong record and a few good wins, Walpole will slot into the D1 south tournament with high hopes.

Braintree: 6-3-1 Braintree plays a tough schedule and put the state on notice with their win over Pope Francis in a pre-season scrimmage. They enter the halfway point with only three losses and have some impressive wins over Billerica, Walpole, and Weymouth.

BC High: 7-3-1 The Eagles may not be as dominant as the few years past, but they are definitely one of the top teams in the state still. They post wins over teams like Framingham, Don Bosco Prep, Central Catholic, and a few more good teams. They still have a great shot at the Super 8 even with three losses and should still be a very tough out in that tournament.

Wellesley: 7-3-1 Wellesley is quietly having a very good year. With seven wins already, they should be preparing for a playoff run and will be one of the more solid teams in the D1 south.

Hingham: 6-4-1 Hingham might not be playing at their Super 8 pace this year, but they still have a good team that plays a very tough schedule, which means they should be battle tested if they can slide into the D1 south tournament.

Falmouth: 6-5-1 Falmouth sits just above the tournament threshold at the halfway point. The Clippers are always a tough out in the tournament, so as long as they can stay over the 0.500 mark, they will be a good tournament team.

Duxbury: 5-2-3 Duxbury brought back a very similar roster from last year, the team that won the D1 south tournament and the D1 title. With only two losses, they make a strong case for the Super 8. If they don’t get in, they will probably be the favorite again in the D1 south.

Franklin: 5-3-2 Franklin is always a contender in the D1 south as they prepare themselves well with a hard schedule. They are a team that is capable of creating an early round upset in this year’s tournament.

Marshfield: 3-3-4 The Rams are not having their usual dominant season so far this year. They sit right at 0.500 at their halfway point and will have to have more wins than losses in the second half to get in. However, I would not want to play Marshfield in the early rounds of the D1 south tournament.

Archbishop Williams: 5-4-2 Archies is just above the playoff threshold halfway through the season. Their Catholic Central schedule does a good job preparing them for the playoffs, as long as they get in.

Pope Francis: 5-3-2 The Cardinals are starting to heat up heading into the second half of their season. They are definitely a contender in the Super 8 discussion so far and will finally look to get past BC High in that tournament.

Mansfield: 4-4-2 Mansfield has been hanging around all season so far as they barely sit with a playoff spot at the moment. They will need to get hot to avoid being one of the last seeds in the tournament.

Bridgewater-Raynham: 5-5-1 For anyone that does not know, I graduated from Bridgewater-Raynham and the last time they were in the tournament was my senior year in 2017. This year has potential for them! They toned down their schedule a little bit to avoid the Xaverian’s, Marshfield’s, and Braintree’s of the world and it seems to be working as they have a good enough record at the moment to earn a playoff spot. Even if they can’s squeak in, this year will be a good building year for the Trojans.

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