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Final Super 8 Predictions From Joey McD

The Super 8 selection is tomorrow morning, which it means it is time for me to make my final appearance of who will be the ten teams entered into the tournament. I have compiled 16 teams and reviewed their case for the Super 8. My prediction is all the way down at the bottom. Enjoy:

Arlington: 5-1-2 vs teams on list. Arlington has had the best season out of any of the public schools in the state so far. They are competing for the top spot in the Super 8 as they have 1 loss entering the Super 8 selection.

Austin Prep: 2-5-2 vs teams on list. Austin Prep is a bubble team entering the Super 8 selection. They have 9 games played against teams on this list and the rest of their schedule was filled with other top teams. That will help them come Thursday as they look to steal a spot in the tournament.

BC High: 7-3-3 vs teams on list. The Eagles are looking to win the Super 8 Championship for the third season in a row. This season has not been as dominant as years past, but they are still one of the best teams in the state.

Braintree: 0-4-1 vs teams on list. Braintree has had a very good year. To be in the running for the Super 8 at this time of the year is an accomplishment in itself, but Braintree should be gearing up for a solid run the D1 South tournament. Without holding any wins over teams in this list, it will be hard for them to get into the Super 8.

Burlington: 2-1-1 vs teams on list. To start the season it looked like Burlington was going to run away with the top seed in the Super 8. Unfortunately for them, they slowed down a bit towards the end of the year. They still have a very impressive record and they should be right there in discussions for a bid into the Super 8.

Canton: 0-0-1 vs teams on list. The Bulldogs finished the season with only one loss and it was to a very good Lincoln-Sudbury team. Their amazing unbeaten run lasted a crazy 43 games. They changed their schedule this year in order to have a better shot at the Super 8. They tied both Braintree and Duxbury and earned wins over Barnstable and Franklin twice. If I was picking for the Super 8, I would have Canton in, but I do not think the committee will slot them in.

Catholic Memorial: 3-3-3 vs teams on list. The Knights will always be a bubble Super 8 team based on their schedule. Their record does not jump out to anyone, but they have some solid wins. For state qualifying purposes, they did not reach the 10-win mark, which may stick out to the committee when it comes to selection.

Framingham: 4-4-2 vs teams on list. Framingham has been hanging around in the top of the rankings all season long. They have a few really good wins this year and finished 11-1-0 in their league play. They have a strong case for the Super 8.

Hingham: 4-4-4 vs teams on list. Hingham is always hanging around Super 8 discussions. They play a very tough schedule for a public school and usually fair pretty well. They have a good shot at the Super 8, but a lot of their seeding came down to the Buddy Ferreira Championship against BC High in which they lost 4-0.

Natick: 2-1-0 vs teams on list. Natick has had an awesome season as they boast one of the best records in division 1 hockey. They hold wins over Framingham and Braintree as they have a strong case for the Super 8. Their strength of schedule is not the hardest in the state, but their win total is much higher than other teams on this list.

Pope Francis: 6-3-2 vs teams on list. Pope Francis plays a hard MIAA schedule, but they also play an extremely tough out of state schedule. This prepares them well for tournament play as they have been the runner-up for the Super 8 the past two years. I think they are a lock this year again.

Reading: 0-3-4 vs teams on list. Reading got hot at the right time as they competed well in the Buddy Ferreira Classic, earning two ties and a win over Arlington Catholic. They tied Austin Prep and BC High, both Super 8 contenders. With a record of 10-5-6, I think Reading has a good shot to at least get a play-in game.

St. John’s Prep: 5-4-3 vs teams on list. St. John’s Prep finishes the season with an impressive five wins against the teams featured on this list. They have had a few up and down moments throughout the season, but I can definitely see them being a contender in the Super 8.

St. John’s (S): 3-5-2 vs teams on list. St. John’s of Shrewsbury has had a good year and has competed well with some of the best in the state. The thing that might hold them out of the Super 8 might be their 8 total losses. This hurts when it comes to Super 8 selection, but they should be battle tested for the D1 North tournament.

St. Mary’s Lynn: 1-2-2 vs teams on list. St. Mary’s was considered the top team in the state around the beginning of the year. They suffered a few setbacks towards the middle of the season, but still are a bubble team when it comes to Super 8 considerations.

Xaverian: 4-4-3 vs teams on the list. Xaverian has one of the best rosters in the state and has proved that all year by earning a record of 13-4-4. All of their losses are against teams featured on this list and the 13 wins is an impressive total considering the strength of their schedule. They should be preparing for a good run in the Super 8.

1. Arlington
2. BC High
3. Pope Francis
4. Xaverian
5. St. John’s Prep
6. Framingham
7. Hingham
8. Burlington
9. Natick
10. Catholic Memorial

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