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Super 8 "Watch List" Breakdown February 11th

The Mass. State Hockey Coaches Association released their latest Super 8 "Watch List" teams which featured 18 teams this time. I broke down each team and below that I included my rankings for these 18 teams. All of these teams have a shot at Super 8, but who is going to actually get in? Let me know on Twitter!

Andover: Overall Record 9-4-2. The Golden Warriors are going to be a tough out no matter where they fall for the postseason. They are keeping their Super 8 hopes high as they have 3 wins and 2 losses in their last 5 games with wins coming against Central Catholic, Weymouth, and Billerica. To have a shot at the Super 8, they must win their February 18th matchup against Arlington.

Arlington: Overall Record 11-3-1. Since their victory over Austin Prep on January 28th, Arlington has gone 3-2-1 with their latest game being a tie against Hingham. Arlington definitely has done enough to prove them as a Super 8 contender, but they need to finish the season strong with games upcoming against Andover and Winchester.

Austin Prep: Overall Record 13-2-2. Austin Prep has had an amazing season so far and is coming off of a league championship win over St. Mary’s Lynn that may cement the Cougars in the Super 8. Their only losses so far have come to Pope Francis and Arlington, two top teams in the state.

BC High: Overall Record 11-2-2. Since their stunning loss to Framingham, the Eagles have gone 2-0-1 with the tie coming to Pope Francis. BC High remains a top team in the state and will a heavy favorite entering the Buddy Ferreira Classic in Falmouth. A strong performance there may lock up the #1 seed in the Super 8 for the Eagles, with Pope Francis right there with them.

Billerica: Overall Record 9-3-3. Coming off of a big win over Chelmsford, Billerica is feeling good heading into their last stretch of the season. It is going to be tough for Billerica to sneak into the Super 8 without any big wins over the state’s best teams. Their solid season so far definitely deserves praise as they have battled tough opponents to tight scoring games, which will make them a deadly playoff team.

Canton: Overall Record 17-0-0. With four games remaining on the season, Canton is STILL undefeated on the year. Even as a division two team, the selection committee is going to have a very hard time keeping them out of the Super 8 if they finish with this perfect record. They are a dominant and physical team that can contend with any of the Super 8 hopefuls.

Catholic Memorial: Overall Record 10-5-0. A very strong season for CM so far has been slowed down as of late suffering three losses in a row. Looking forward to their next game, they play a desperate St. Johns Prep team that will give the Knights a hard time. CM is on pace for a Super 8 birth as long as they can stop the bleeding and finish the season strong.

Duxbury: Overall Record 16-2-0. The Dragons have been a dominant team all year as they are heavily in the mix for the Super 8. Ten wins a row have the Dragons red hot entering a matchup with Plymouth North, which will be their final game before the Buddy Ferreira Classic in which they will be seeded as the 2nd ranked public school team behind Hingham.

Framingham: Overall Record 14-2-2. The only Massachusetts team to beat BC High this year is the Framingham Flyers! They are still rolling through their schedule, but face tough challenges in Hingham and Xaverian in their next two games. This Framingham team has a serious shot at the Super 8.

Hingham: Overall Record 14-3-1. Playing as an independent, Hingham has the opportunity to make a tough schedule for themselves. They have played well against all of their tough opponents this year as they have an impressive 14 wins so far. Entering the Buddy Ferreira Classic, they are the top ranked public school in the bracket.

Masconomet: Overall Record 15-1-0. After losing their first game of the season, Masconomet has ran through 15 straight wins and is the second division 2 team to be featured in the Super 8 Watch List. It is going to be tough for them to get into the Super 8 with Canton probably having the edge as a division 2 selection, as they remain undefeated. Something that does help the Chieftains chances is the two wins over a good Newburyport team and a game coming up against Melrose, a Super 8 contender.

Melrose: Overall Record 11-1-5. The Red Raiders are in an interesting situation when it comes to a Super 8 bid. They are a division 1 team that has only suffered one loss so far, that coming to Reading. Melrose has capitalized on recent big games earning a win over Winchester on January 30th. Their Super 8 hopes are still alive and well and could really stir up the field with a win over Xaverian February 19th.

Pope Francis: Overall Record 12-1-2. This Pope Francis team is a near lock for the Super 8 as they have competed and dominated with some of the best teams this state has to offer. They face off against Austin Prep next, in a game that could prove to be largely important to the seedings of both teams in the Super 8.

Reading: Overall Record 10-6-2. With the tough schedule the Rockets play, they clinched a birth into the state tournament with a win over Woburn on their senior night. The Rockets now can set their eyes on trying to squeeze into the Super 8. Like most teams in the Buddy Ferreira Classic, the Rockets can make their case for the Super 8 with a strong performance in the tournament. They are the 3rd seeded public-school team and face off against Austin Prep in the first round.

St. Johns Prep: Overall Record 7-6-3. With three wins in a row, the Eagles have crawled over the .500 hump that keeps them on track for qualifying for the state tournament. They are hanging onto Super 8 hopes by a thread as they are mostly being considered because of their strength of schedule and their early season tie to BC High. They have back to back games against Catholic Memorial that has potential to make the Eagles Super 8 hopefuls.

St. Mary’s Lynn: Overall Record 14-4-0. Coming off their second loss of the season to Austin Prep are the Spartans. They have a solid record on the year, but will most likely be a team that is heavily discussed about being in or out of the Super 8. They have some solid victories, but their next matchup against top ranked BC High will be a true test for the Spartans.

Winchester: Overall Record 12-5-0. Coming off a loss to Belmont, the Sachems may be on the outside looking in on the Super 8. Wins over Needham and Reading (2) will help their case, but their game against Arlington this Wednesday is going to be extremely important if they still want a shot at the Super 8.

Xaverian: Overall Record 11-4-2. Xaverian has had a very solid season so far proving that they should be worthy of Super 8 discussion. They hold an MHL Cup championship in their trophy case, a tournament that Framingham finished 3rd in. Half of their losses on the year came to BC High, a top contender in the Super 8. They have 3 strong opponents remaining, Marshfield, Framingham, and Melrose.

Ranking These Teams:
1. BC High
2. Pope Francis
3. Austin Prep
4. Hingham
5. Arlington
6. Framingham
7. Duxbury
8. Xaverian
9. Catholic Memorial
10. Melrose
11. Canton
12. St. Mary’s Lynn
13. Reading
14. Masconomet
15. Winchester
16. Andover
17. St. Johns Prep
18. Billerica

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